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Dear God, it is me (a homeless child's perspective)

Dear God, it is me

Dear God, Well, today was moving day. This morning I said goodbye to my best friend of 7 years, Duke my golden retriever. His new family seems nice, but I already miss him so much my heart hurts. As dad put the last box in the U-Haul, I said goodbye to my neighborhood hide-n-seek and I can run faster than you friends. We took all our things to storage including my favorite Legos and a picture of Duke and me. Mom said it wouldn’t be in there long and we would find another home soon. Tonight, I am laying in a soft motel room bed and mom and dad are in another. Dad said we will be here for a few days and then we will go somewhere else. I am not sure where, but they have a plan. It’s getting late so I better go to sleep before I know it I will be awake to go to school. Love you, Timmy

Dear God, I am sad. I have changed schools to be closer to the family shelter where I live. My school is huge, and I know nobody. Dad said we won’t be here long, but I am already ready to leave. I am laying on a top bunk right above mom. Down the hall, I hear yelling and someone throwing things. Someone just yelled, “shut up people are trying to sleep.” When, at last, it quietest down, I hear a familiar sound that is heard every night. It’s mom trying to go unnoticed as she wipes her tears away. The sniffle she tries quietly to do is noticed by several who turn to look at her. I want to ask mom what is for breakfast, but I will see the same expression of heart brake as she tells me she doesn’t know. Maybe the bus will drop me off early so I can run and get the last box of frosted flakes from the cafeteria. Nobody likes the frosted flakes so I bet there will be one there. Those ladies are nice. When they see me coming, they have my supplies ready, a bowl of frosted flakes cereal, a small thing of milk, a piece of fruit, and if am lucky a small paper cup of my favorite, apple juice. I think they may know that I am hungry. Thank you for listening, Love, Timmy

Dear God, I don’t know what to say. I am laying in the back seat of our car with my blanket wrapped around me, as tight as it can be, to keep me warm. Dad just turned the car off and I know it will get cold, so I pull tighter on my blanket to make sure all of me is covered up. They lean their seats all the way back and this is where we will be for tonight. You will find us in the back of the parking lot at the big gas station on Main St. I heard mom say this is a better spot because they are open 24 hours so we can use their restroom in the morning to wash up. Oh, and I had to change schools again when our time ran out at the shelter. They only let you stay for an amount of time before you must leave so another family can move in. Well, I can hear mom crying, she gave up keeping quiet, so I better try to close my eyes and try to sleep. Bye, Timmy

Well God today is a bad day. Mom and dad are always yelling, and I am pretty sure they forgot they had a son. I am back here in the backseat with the blanket over my head. Dad is waiting for his friend to pick him up and mom is by the trunk throwing all Dad's stuff out. Mom says we are going to grandma's in Ohio to get away from this place she calls “something hole.” Not sure what that meant but to grandmas we go. I never got to say goodbye to dad because we drove away the same time he did. Well, I really don’t feel like talking anymore. See you, Timmy

PS: One more thing, Why God is my life like this? I had a home, fun friends to play with, a best friend I called Duke, and my dad. I guess grandmas is my home now. I like it here because she makes good cookies but sometimes my mouth doesn't want to smile when mom tells me it needs to. I just want to go back a year ago and have nothing change. Maybe I will talk to you soon, Timmy


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