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"Homeless in a small town" -True story of one of our guests

Homeless in a small town

I am homeless but have done nothing wrong

Bills were paid on time, and our yard was vibrant with freshly planted flowers

The smell from our BBQ and sounds of children filled our home

I am homeless because the owner sold our home

We packed all our furnishing and watched our children choose smaller toys to keep out

of storage

You see me at the grocery store, and we make small talk in the checking line

I walk away feeling a relief that for one more day no one knew I was homeless.

We have mastered washing up in gas stations, taking more time than you, to make sure

we have gone the extra mile to not look homeless

I drive down the same roads as you when we both pick up our kids from school

My wife pours over the paper praying to find a new place to rent

This routine leads to daily tears, I sadly watch them roll down her beautiful face

When the sun starts to set, we drive around to find a safe place to park

I place light blankets in our windows as my wife locks all the doors

With thick blankets wrapped tightly around us, I silently pray we can sleep through the


For 6 hours a day, my children are the same as yours. They play on the playground

releasing all the stresses that plague them at home

No one knows we are homeless.

We have had the same jobs for years and our children always manage to adore a smile

on their face

We hope to find a motel room for a night or two.

The thought of feeling a soft bed to stretch out on, a bathroom just a couple of steps

away, and the calming feeling of the warmth from our shower seems so far out of reach

We call around to each local motel

Praying that we will get to experience this luxury for just a night or two

The words seem to flow so freely from their mouths, we have no vacancies for the next

few weeks

It will be another night of finding a safe place to park

We look for a semi lighted space for us to feel safe,

We must be out of the sight of others so we can avoid the midnight knock saying we

have to leave again

I am still homeless in a small town

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