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July Event

Coming This Thursday, July 11th..Please don't forgot to pass along...The Bitterroot Bus has offered their service for our July and August event nights!!! This is a two month trial. FREE LAUNDRY EVENT For our Homeless and Low-income neighbors Our events are a nonjudgmental environment where dignity is regained one load at a time and friendships are made. A volunteer will greet you at the door and show you the several laundry detergent stations throughout the laundromat. There are several machines that will accommodate 2 to 3 loads. When you find a machine(s) let your volunteer know and he/she will get your quarters while you fill the machine(s) and add your laundry detergent. Through generous donations from the community we have a table located in front with a volunteer that will assist you in receiving those donated items. We also have a resource table of local resources. You are free to take any information that would benefit you.

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