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Thank you from a special 3rd grader

I have learned so much from the communication from our guests, donors, and community. It has enabled LLH to grow to where it is. I recently received the following letter from a special 3rd grader (written by his mom) to thank me.

“Dear Ms. love, thank you for always being so kind to mom and me. My clothes smell good and when I smell my blanket, I never want to take my nose away. Oh yeah and thank you for my Superman toothbrush and sparkle toothpaste it tastes fresh. The super cool boy soap is nice. I was wondering if I could trade one washing clothes day for a clean body day. I know you are in the business of kids cleaning their clothes with their moms and I really do like clean good smelly clothes, but my body still has an icky smell. I know you are busy but maybe you could answer me yes or no trading? Ok bye.” *We figured out a place for them to take showers. Mom called yesterday asking to move her laundry appointment out because she had to sign paperwork to accept housing they were approved for.

We looking into offering showers but it will take time to figure out all the details, and there is a lot of details.

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