What are your thoughts?

What are your thoughts?

For the past several years I have had conversations with my guests, that live in a camp trailer/RV if they would classify themselves of being homeless. Each one had a different description of what qualifies a person as being “homeless.”

Guest A said that if you have a way to cook, use the restroom, have electricity to run lights, a heat source, access to water, have a bed, and don’t have to move every night you are not homeless.

Guest B said even if you had all the above you are still considered homeless. They argue that at any given time you can be asked to move from where you are currently parked and the likely hood of having an address other than a PO Box is unlikely. Children are less likely to invite their friends over and will do whatever it takes to not be seen as “homeless.”

Both stated that the lack of space to hold items such as dishes, pots, and pans, food, clothing among other items is a hard adjustment when you are forced to move from their rentals. Even though these are annoying, and an inconvenience does that put a label of being “homeless” on an individual or family?

Guest A was more likely to consider an individual homeless while living in a camp trailer/RV if the individuals or couples didn’t work.

Guest B stayed neutral if employment would change their description of being “homeless.”

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