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Loads of Dignity

We are a nonprofit that has been offering a service to our homeless and low-income neighbors in the Bitterroot Valley since 2019. We want to ensure they have an opportunity to wash their clothing and bedding for free and be given a hand-up. We provide quarters, laundry detergent, and fabric softener. In addition to free washing, we provide hygiene bags for adults and activity/hygiene bags for children.

Shower vouchers are available, along with towels, as requested. With a housing shortage, we are seeing more and more growth in the homeless population in our valley.
Our mission is to “Restore Dignity one load at a time.” When an individual/or family is homeless is the time dignity is lost. With our services, feelings of self-worth, self-esteem, and dignity can be restored. Children can go to school with clean clothing, have showered, and not become a target for bullying. Fewer days will be missed at school, and test scores and friendships will improve.​

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“Loads of Dignity is a wonderful non-profit. What Stefani does for people is beyond compassionate and amazing. I live in the first place I ever have that doesn't have a washer and dryer and with how tight money is, getting laundry done can be quite hard and exhausting. But Stefani has been there for me since the first day I ever reached out to her. Because of her, I get to look and feel presentable, and clean, and most importantly, I get to sleep in clean bedding and have clean towels so I can continue and have good personal hygiene. On top of helping people with their laundry, she also has sent me home with goodie bags filled with deodorant toothpaste, toiletries, and more and she has been a life savior to my family and me since day one. And I appreciate her more than she could ever know. She helps take the weight off my shoulder, which sometimes feels suffocating. And to top it off you never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed they allow you to have privacy and dignity while being able to accept very much needed help.”

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