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Guests will need to call, text, or email the date they would like to come in. They will have from 9 am to the last load at 7 pm to do their laundry.

On the day of the appointment, they will go up to the front counter and give their first name, and state they are there for Loads of Dignity. The staff will give them the laundry detergent and ask them to place their laundry in the designated machine I assigned and place the laundry detergent in the machine.

When the laundry detergent is returned, the washing machine money is given to them.

Offering appointments vs. face-to-face has many benefits for our guests. They can plan on coming in while their children are at school, before/after work, or when they can find a ride. With confidentiality a priority to us, our system is in place such that once they walk away from the counter with all their supplies, nobody in the laundromat knows they are there for Loads of Dignity. This helps many of our guests feel more comfortable using our services.

We also offer shower vouchers and hygiene bags for both adults and children. In addition to age-appropriate hygiene items, the children’s bags have activity items such as coloring books, crayons, sensory toys, a snack, juice, or a bottle of water. By request, towels are offered.

Appointments : Welcome
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