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Because of you

I got a call from a homeless couple, as they stood in the laundromat with a bag full of clothes, asking for money so they could finish washing their clothes. They had never heard of our service and were thankful for our quick trip down with their funds. Before walking out the door I grabbed one of our prepared hygiene bags full of items you have donated. I never look for praise but instead new ways to help. As I approached them I searched for the right words to avoid them from feeling awkward or judged. When I got in my car to leave I thought how lucky I was to have all of you. I had a vision and you helped make it possible. With your support and dedication to restoring Dignity, we are able to accomplish this every day. At the stoplight, I began to feel guilty. You choose to give willingly but will never experience seeing their faces as I put the quarters in the machine or the vision of them smelling their clothing as they come out of the dryer. In my posts, I try my best to paint a picture of the experiences I have had but my typed words will never do this justice. Know that I appreciate all you do to support a mission that is as important to you as it is to me.

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