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Children's Wish list

You all are amazing! Your heart and love of children are to be admired. I have had several messages suggesting I post some ideas for some of the children that use our service. I have reached out to several of them and the following is the information I was given.

Family #1) 2-year-old boy likes trucks, cars, Thomas the train, balloons, CoCo Melon, Mickey Mouse, and Paw Patrol. He wears a 3t-4t in tops, 18 months in pants, and 4-5t in socks. His mom is a single mom.

Family #2) A 2-year-old girl likes Frozen and educational interacting toys and wears 4t. A 4-year-old boy who likes monster trucks. Any vehicle that encourages imagination play would be wonderful. He wears a size 5t. Their situation is unique. These are amazing children. Very kind and respectful.

Family #3) 2.5-year-old boy. He loves playing with trucks, cars and would enjoy learning toys. He is in need of winter boots size 9/10 for toddlers. He also is in need of clothing. He wears 3t. They are homeless.

Unless I have permission to release their living situation I will refrain from adding that. If you are interested in helping any of these kiddos please private message me.

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