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January Update & Thank you for your support

Thank you for all the time you have spent gathering items to help your Homeless and Low-income neighbors. Your donations have made a difference.

We have seen a significate increase in our displaced renters. The number of them sleeping in cars has decreased. Most have moved into a camp trailer they owned before being displaced or borrowed from friends and family. This may not be an ideal housing situation but it keeps them warm, safe, a bed to lay down on, and most have a restroom that eliminates the many trips to a gas station.

Like rentals are far and in between, so are places to park their camp trailers.

In addition to our displaced renters, we have many families that have housing and are suffering from the same needs as others.

The need to have clean Laundry and showers grows every week as more of our neighbors hear about our services.

The following items are what we currently need:


• Children’s body wash • Boxes of crayons • Stimulation toys

Towels • Books from pre-school and up • Juice boxes, fruit snacks, and/or bottled water for their bags.


• Body wash • Flashlights • Female products • Drawstring bags • Toothbrushes and toothpaste • Chapstick • First Aid items • Hand lotion • Shampoo and Conditioner

We have been blessed with many towels and washcloths. Currently, we do not need any of the adult ones. While it is not completely necessary, our children like having their own child-size towel to take to the shower.

The flashlights have taken on a new purpose besides their usual use. I have guests that spend the end of the day and before bed using the flashlights to make finger puppets and animals on the ceilings.

Thank you for assisting your neighbors to “Restore their Dignity one load at a time.”

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