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Passion and Purpose for one Mission

Four years ago, a woman took a deep breath and sat down with a piece of paper and pen, writing down all her ideas, hopes, and dreams of something she had no idea how to start. This woman was a stand behind everyone and stray away from the limelight as much as she could. She lacked experience writing grants, networking, having a website, keeping a Facebook page updated, and starting a nonprofit. What she did have was a passion for a mission to help people feel more confident, have dignity, and take the stress off them to have something most of us take for granted, but to others is a luxury. Clean clothes and bedding would be her purpose fueled by her passion to tackle everything she had no experience doing. Mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned, tears have been shed, and hope has been found. How can this woman be me? How can it already be four years? I never imagined two words would influence my life so much. Passion led me to my purpose. My purpose led me to meet all of you. All of you have become team players with me for one mission, to restore dignity in such a simple but mighty way… clean laundry and warm showers!

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