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Still holding onto faith everything will be ok

I just sat down at my computer to prepare for the two guests I have written down in my planner for tomorrow. I picked up my phone to double-check I had not forgotten anyone. There are 6 more, and 3 are new, requesting to come in tomorrow.

For 3+ years, I have always tried to be transparent on our Facebook and website. So, before I continue to prepare for their visits tomorrow, I want to write a quick post to update you.

Since starting LOD I have feared this day. The day that I would have to face the fact that we would grow faster than I could write grants. My heartaches thinking about telling them their load limits will be cut in half to enable us to continue our services a little longer. They have found themselves in situations that have many times left me feeling hopeless.

This is a bump in a winding road that we will overcome. Taking a break in our services would hurt many of our guests and their children.

I have found it is not just the clean laundry that restores Dignity, it is the relationships you build with each visit. Listening without an agenda is a priceless gift.

In the event services are put on hold until funds come in, we will continue to offer showers and towels as needed.

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