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The Power of Giving

After picking up donations from Fast & Fluffy from two amazing people that took time out of their day to think of us (thank you so much!!!) I was waved down by a previous guest of one of our events. I pulled over and got out to speak to him. *I did ask if I could put this on Facebook if I didn't use his name...he giggled and said "I don't see why you would but.. ok"* He had his waist high metal basket with two wheels filled halfway with food from the food bank, a sleeping bag and some misc. items. His face lit up when he saw me, as did mine when I saw him. Such a nice guy and grateful for anyone that stops and talks to him. As we were talking about his days plans he tells me he is glad he saw me and reaches into his pocket. He seems to be reaching pretty deep and comes out of his pocket with a total of $.50. He offers his $.50 as a donation to Laundry Love Hamilton. I thought about refusing it.. but I took it graciously as I do with all the other donations. He just glowed knowing he gave back. Wow! Speechless.

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