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Unwanted Break

Well, the day I have feared for four and half years has come. We will be canceling laundry appointments due to low donations and outstanding grants that have not come through. I am devastated but using that to frantically apply for more grants. I have faith that this will be a short break.

I am hoping to be back to appointments before the other schools open in September.

There is a Pampered Chef Fundraiser for us right now and ends Saturday, August 26th. Also, Dain from Lickety Split (an ice cream cart that goes through neighborhoods in the summer) will be at the state fair. He has chosen to donate 5% of his sales to us. Remarkable young man, a senior, who cares about his homeless and low-income neighbors having restored Dignity. Not only for our benefit, please take a minute to go get an ice cream and support his business.

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