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UPDATE on $10,000 goal

Good morning! I wanted to give an update on our goal of raising our half of the $10,000 challenge grant from the Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation.

As of today, with the generous gifts from our community, we have raised $3,350 toward our $10,000 goal!!! Thank you so much!

We have sent out letters to our local businesses in hopes of receiving either gift cards, an item, or asking for them to possibly make up a themed basket (that would be fun to see) to be auctioned off online the week of November 6th. I am really excited about this and hope that several businesses will jump on board to not only support our mission but to make it an exciting auction with great options to bid on.

We also have "The Grange Musical Potluck with Purpose" on November 10th. If you are free or want something fun to do on a Friday night...Please come out and support us! It would be great to meet all of you who are team players with us to ensure our neighbors have Dignity!

By request, our address is: PO BOX 809, Hamilton, MT 59840

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