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When one door closes. Another will open

I am grateful that our services help so many of our neighbors.

When COVID hit I was in a panic about how we could continue to offer our services without holding face-to-face events.

This is when the idea of appointments came to be. Appointments were originally meant to be short-term with the goal of going back to face to face when everything started opening back up.

We gained so many more guests during this time we decided to keep our services to appointments only.

So I started Loads of Dignity with a mission to offer a confidential, non-judgmental,

and safe place for our homeless and low-income neighbors could come to restore Dignity for themselves and their children.

As much as I miss meeting all my guests it has been easier to uphold my original mission.

When I receive a text message like this one it not only makes my day they took the time to send it but more importantly this is another person or family that can hold their heads high with Dignity.

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