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Laundry Love Hamilton-Why I started it

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I was recently asked what made me think to start Laundry Love Hamilton. I have been reluctant to answer since it involves so much of my personal life and struggles. I tell very few people I have Epilepsy. I made the decision long ago that having epilepsy would not define me nor stop me from achieving my goals. Here is the backstory of the start of Laundry Love Hamilton.

I had been in healthcare for over 25 years until one night shift at a hospital. Most of my seizures are grand mals. While working one of my night shifts, I suffered a grand mal seizure in an empty patient room. This seizure would be the demise of my employment and career. I was heartbroken. For many years I had been able to make the sick smile, pray with families when their loved ones were at the end of life, and watch patients come in with little hope for improvement only to watch them leave healthier than before they got sick. I was lost and felt I no longer had a purpose. Depression set in and naps are what filled my days. Feeling more hopeless than any other day I prayed before that nap that he would help me find a purpose to go on. Many days I felt worthless. I woke from that nap, thinking that I should probably at least put in a load of laundry before my husband got home from work so it looked like I had done something that day. Laundry is not my favorite chore especially when it comes to folding. As I gathered the clothes and was putting them in the washing machine a thought came over me to re-visit an idea I previously had a couple of years back. At that time I didn’t pursue it because I worked full time, was a wife and mom to two children. This time I was not working and the likelihood of succeeding in this endeavor was obtainable. For the first time in months, I felt excitement as if I had found my purpose. Helping others had always been my passion, restoring Dignity would be my purpose. From that moment, at the washing machine, my journey of starting Laundry Love Hamilton started. I hit the road running and have not stopped since. I have and will continue to experience trial and error, but I know God will walk beside me on the good days and carry me on the days I feel overwhelmed and want to quit. I know in my heart without him, scripture, our community, and support from family and friends, Laundry Love Hamilton would not be where it is today.

While this story ends on a positive note, I would be kidding you if I told you there hasn’t been a lot of questions and concerns along the way. Would our community embrace and support the mission, would I be able to follow and understand all the rules and regulations that are required of a nonprofit and would I be able to keep the services going off the grants I write. I could spend hours writing a grant and not receive it. The concerns were there and I did stress a lot but I never gave up. I knew through all the worries it would all work out because I was not alone in this endeavor. By praying and learning to put my burdens into his hands, everything would work out. I often look back and am in awe of how far Laundry Love Hamilton has come. God is good and I am blessed to have him next to me.

"When you find your passion, you will find your purpose"- Roger Lee


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