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No Place to Go

I would like to talk about the elephant in the room. I have had guests coming in to use our service that would have never needed it 3-4 months ago. These families had a stable, secure, and comfortable home. I am sure they thought of doing laundry as a daunting chore and were having conversation with their family about making sure all their clothes were placed in their laundry baskets. Whether it was as a child or if you have a family now, we all have heard or said it. With the current housing market owners are making the decision to sell occupied houses while the market is hot, and houses are selling above asking price. This has left those renters out of a home, no place to go. The available rental homes are far and in between. If you do find one you are either competing with a lot of other families or the prices are jacked up so high most can’t afford them. We all see the stories every day on Facebook or other social media. I had 2 families in a couple of weeks ago that were in the same situation and were sharing “leads” or ideas of what the other one has done to have housing during this difficult life changing time. Please share what our services offers with anyone you know, or even if you personally do not, share with a friend or family member that may know someone. What used to be a daunting chore to them has turned into a luxury when your money must go elsewhere. These renters have moved in with family, borrowed someone’s travel trailer or when money is available, a motel. We are still doing events by appointment so they will not be on “display” and will be just another customer. Fast & Fluffy has amazing staff that will assist you with the supplies. Together as a community, working as a team, we will get through this.👕👖

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