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This hit home with me as I read a message from a past guest. She was one of my first guest when we started in 2019. She lived in her car and many times she would tell me her dreams for the future. I would always joke with her that they are not dreams but goals. Fast forward to last March when we had to go to appointment only. I lost touch with her and often wondered what had happened with her. I got my answer last night. She is working up in Missoula as a financial advisor. She has a newer car and is renting a home. I never really got the whole story of why she was homeless and had a degree. I had chills reading her message and as she said you were right.... It was not a dream but rather a goal. Below her signature it said "P.S I hope you enjoyed your mocha.

Background on this is I was waiting in line and frantically looking for my debt card so I could pay. Still having no luck the car in front of me pulled away. Thankfully they had paid for my mocha...

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