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Event update

Good morning. Happy Friday! I wanted to update you on how Laundry Love Hamilton is doing. Since starting our appointment only, we have had guest attendance grow more and more each week. Guest are embracing and taking advantage of our appointments due to the flexibility it allows them to come in after work, while the children are in school and when they can get a ride. Our board has made the decision to keep the appointment only events through the end of the year and will revisit the idea of face to face the beginning of next year. With the appointments I will bring the supplies to Janet @ Fast & Fluffy by 9am. She will hand them out as the guest comes in. I do ask if you will not be able to make it that day to notify me. All supplies must be picked up at the end of that day. Please try and pick a day that you are certain you can come in. This will save both of us time.

Also, when you make an appointment and tell me the loads you have, I will write on the bag the best machines to use with the funds I have left you. Please try to follow that so you have enough money to do your laundry. Just a reminder that our nonprofit is to help restore dignity. We ask you limit your loads to clothing, towels and blankets. Unfortunately, we have had guests bring in their household rugs, automotive seat covers among other items. Our grants do not cover these items, nor does it follow our mission. To allow for family time I will only bring supplies Monday-Friday and do ask for 48-hour notice for all appointments unless it is an emergency.

Thank you for supporting us through word of mouth, emails and donations. We appreciate all of them!

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