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I received a message from a lady that needed our service but has an acquaintance that works at Fast & Fluffy. I am thankful she contacted me so we could come up with a way to keep her confidentiality. Unfortunately, she is not the only one that has avoided using our service for a similar reason. We have had guests avoid coming because they work and feel that others could use it more. If having clean laundry and bedding will keep you from having enough money for food, gas or paying your bills you need to use our service. I can reassure you that you will not be the only working guest that comes in. I do my best to uphold confidentiality, offer flexible appointments and hope that your dignity is restored one load at a time.

Just a reminder that I do take off weekends to be with my family. Please leave a message on the LLH phone or message me to make an appointment and I will get back to you either Sunday evening or Monday morning.

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