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I will never forget...

At one of our events, pre-COVID, we had two little boys and their mom come to use our service. After talking to mom, we found out that they had been living in her van for several weeks and was hoping a lead she heard from an agency would come through and living in the van would become a distance memory. Overhearing our conversation one of our volunteers bagged up donated food and water to give her. The evening got busy and the sounds of quarters going into the machines and the voices of new friendships being made filled the laundromat. My eyes caught a vision I will never forget. I watched as mom pulled the boys pajamas out the dryer, placed them in her donated basket only to have them immediately snatched up by two little boy hands. We watched them run quickly into the bathroom to come out in their warm pajamas. One was showing off the Spiderman on his while his brother was showing another group of volunteers the Batman on his. The show and tell was cut short as they saw their

blankets come out of the dryer. Those too were grabbed up in a hurry and two happy little boys ran out to their van to cuddle up with their blankets and take in the warmth. This is what makes the number of hours of writing grants worth every word typed. It is because of the support of our community, the foundations and businesses that offer the opportunity to apply for their grants, that we can continue to restore Dignity to so many.

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