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In need of a warming Shelter ASAP

Tonight my heart aches for all my homeless guests, both individuals and families alike. I stepped out my front door to my garage and the fierce wind was more than I could take for the 5 steps I had to walk. They are out in these elements in tents, cars, and camping trailers. I feel a sense of guilt, sitting here in a warm office, as I think about heading to bed soon. I pray that we can find a location to have a warming center soon. If the weather reports are right we will have a hard winter. Our homeless need a warm place to lay their heads and parents need a night's sleep knowing that their family is warm and safe. Yes, they may have cars or camping trailers but it is still very cold as the wind seems to find a way to make it through every little crack. I ask, please if you have any ideas of where we can have a warming center, please let me know as soon as possible. We all need to come together as a team and help those that are out in the cold. Thank you!

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