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Lost In America

I am excited to announce that Laundry Love Hamilton has an opportunity to be a part of "Lost in America" A night to End Youth Homelessness. We will receive a pre-released copy of the Lost in America film that sheds light on teen homelessness. We will be screening the film Saturday, November 16th, 2019 at Corvallis United Methodist Church on 356 Corvallis Cemetery Rd., Corvallis, MT. There will be a limited theatrical release in December, and then a wider release including digital early next year. We are requesting all guest to bring a throw blanket or a sleeping bag, wear comfortable movie watching clothing, a pillow if you wish and a sign with the words: I AM #lostinamerica.

Those with social media are encouraged to post pictures with your signs and add the Hashtags, #ANightForYouth and #LostinAmerica. This will help make our efforts go viral.

* If you would like to be in the group Laundry Love Hamilton picture we will be meeting at Fast & Fluffy at 3:15pm.

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