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I started Laundry Love Hamilton with a mission to bring back dignity one load at a time to our homeless and low-income neighbors. Our events are a safe, inviting and judgement free environment where they can come to do their laundry, receive donated items and interaction between volunteers and guest are encouraged. We have grown beyond my expectations, I am always excited for each event so I can meet the new guests and catch up with all our return ones. The best compliment I received was from a lady that came into Fast & Fluffy to have her business towels washed. She said when she walked in she felt so welcomed as if she was walking into my home and I was offering her my personal washing machine and dryer for her to use. That is exactly the way I hope every guest feels when they walk in whether it is with me or with any of the volunteers. Everyone deserves to experience the feeling of being welcomed somewhere by someone.

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