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Corvallis vs Florence Coin Drive

It's official~ Corvallis Primary School challenged Florence Primary School to a friendly coin drive competition for Loads of Dignity. Their coin drives will go from March 4th to 15th. The winning school will receive bragging rights and a trophy to display.

Corvallis is incorporating their coin drive with their "Respectful and Kind in the Community" week. They encourage students to show respect in various ways around their school and community. Encouraging using kind words, holding a door open for someone, and inviting others to play. To help their community, they are holding their coin drive to assist their neighbors with dignity by having clean clothes and showers. DIGNITY, one of two Loads of Dignity Bears, will be helping Corvallis with their drive.

Florence is combining the Bombas we donated with their coin drive. Their "CHANGE to CHANGE A LIFE" coin drive will have the assistance of "Compassion," the second Loads of Dignity Bears to help with their drive.

The competition is between the primary schools, but Florence is also holding an all-district coin drive.

Good luck to them both! Thank you for coming up with a great way to support us and incorporate such important values into our children.

I will post pictures as they are sent to me.😊

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