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When a Community Comes Together

I will try to keep this short. I am truly humbled by our whole community. When I first thought of starting Loads of Dignity well over five years ago, I had two five-subject notebooks filled with ideas of what it would look like to have this service in our community. I spent countless hours researching the ins and outs of becoming a non-profit organization and how I could

possibly keep the service going financially. My biggest question was if it would be a service that the community would embrace.

Those notebooks, filled with my dreams and aspirations, were revisited countless times before I took a leap of faith, praying and following my passion to restore dignity to those who had lost it. The journey was not easy, but we persevered, staying afloat through the grants I wrote and the invaluable support of all of you, spreading the word about our mission.

This post is so much more than the words you are reading. I am truly thankful to all of you for partnering up with Loads of Dignity for one purpose…restoring Dignity to those who have lost it.

As a community, we have helped many children gain friendships and miss less school, and I got to meet a second grader who used our service not too long ago. He came up to me all excited, saying, “If I spin around really fast (as he spun around), I can smell how good my clothes smell.” Pulling up his pant leg and exposing his socks, he said, “And I have these really soft black socks (Bombas) that make my feet look good, but I don’t dare smell them.” This is what makes all the work we do and the support of the community worth it!

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