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My heart is full with this Google review

This is a review that was posted in Google, by one of our guests, anonymously. My hope is that most of our guests feel dignity, self-worth, and confidence with each load they wash. Incredible place that helps families feel good about themselves by allowing them to wash their clothes when they otherwise might not be able to. Clean clothes for most people is a non-issue, but for low income families who are displaced, don't have a washer or dryer, or the money to pull off clean clothes, Loads of Dignity gives them the stepping stone to do something so many take for granted: wash their clothes, with dignity. This is the most beautiful, compassionate act of kindness. We were put on this earth to do this very thing, show love and compassion to our fellow humans. You, Stefani, are doing just that. This amazing laundry saving place is sent from heaven. If I ever run into funds I can part with, I would donate to your plight before anything else. What you are giving families is so much more than clean clothes. It's peace, sleep at night, being able to go out in public and feel like a human being, it's dignity, self-respect, self-love, and these are all things that help people help themselves. You are truly incredible and I'm not a religious person, but I believe this place was sent from above.

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