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Our cries out for help were answered by KPAX

Staying true to my promise to all of you, here is an update on us.

Out of pure desperation, I contacted Hannah @ KPAX. I did not do this to put myself in the spotlight, I am the first to run from it and stand in the background to help our guests. I did it to fight for our guests. Our guests need our services in most cases due to situations out of their control. Being displaced from a home into your car or camp trailer is not something anyone of us plans for.

We have recently put a cap on laundry loads for all guests. This concerns me for our families that have children returning to school. I started this to restore dignity to all that need it through clean laundry and showers. With our services being offered to them there is absolutely NO reason for their children to cry because they do not want to go to school with dirty clothes and not have showered. Does this happen? Yes, more times than I even want to admit.

Due to our funding crisis, we will be unable to provide enough funding to offer enough loads to get our families through. I have 3 in my family and there is no way we could do just 3 loads a week. Before this crisis, I offered all guests to do their bedding once a month (very important when you live in your car, camper trailer, or outside). Yes, we have many that do live in tents. We can no longer offer bedding assistance.

Therefore, I humbly approached Hannah. She and KPAX jumped on the chance to surround us in our cries for help.

It was shot yesterday and will be shown on their 5:30 pm and 10 pm newscast tonight. Huge shout out to them for their support and caring about their neighbors!

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