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Reviews...My reason to keep going

“Thank you for being there for the human beings who would otherwise not have clean clothes. You are truly making a difference and making people feel better about themselves. If I won a million dollars, I would donate to you. Having clean clothes is not just comfort, it is dignity, it is self-esteem, it is being able to go out into the world and feel intact. Thank you for being there for my family and community. “

“This is an essential service in our community! Loads of Dignity is doing such important work. They provide so much more than just laundry services, though that alone is huge. “

“LOD is a life-changing service for members of our community! They go above and beyond to be flexible for those in need and are always ready with a helping hand. They even took time to respond while in the hospital I literally cannot say enough positive things about LOD. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing.”

“This laundry mat is one of the best I have ever been to. I love having clean clothes, and the people and atmosphere are amazing.”

“My mom goes every Sunday to ensure we have clean clothes for the week. I’m really happy we have clean clothes! I love the socks I got from the program too. My mom works really hard. I am happy this program makes her life easier. “

“The way loads of dignity brings a smile to people’s faces is absolutely amazing. Nothing better than being able to tell your kids they have clean clothes so they can feel like new people.”

“When I first heard of LOD over a year ago, I was blown away by the whole idea and started donating on a regular basis. It had never occurred to me that people sometimes need help with their laundry to feel human and capable. And Stefani is amazing -- organized, generous, sensible -- all the best things. “

“This is an outstanding contribution to our community! They have touched many lives with their unselfish giving! Thank you for all you do for those in need.”

“This is a very important non-profit in our community. There are so many people who need this service lately. I do not know what they would do if it weren’t here. Thank you for taking care of our community!”

“LOD has helped me so much! Increasing prices on nearly everything has made it difficult to choose what expenses are absolutely necessary. Thanks to LOD, I do not have to choose laundry over medical expenses. This single mom of 3 thanks you!!”

“This is such an amazing nonprofit organization. Not only do they supply money for those in need of clean clothes and bedding at the local laundry mat, they also supply hygiene bags for their clients no matter the age. With the way the housing crisis is, here, in the Bitterroot Valley, in Hamilton, Montana, the need for laundry services has been greater than the donations received. There is nothing but love and dignity ever felt and displayed to anyone in need, and I hope this non-profit will be here for a very long time.”

“I am a board member with LOD and what a blessing this nonprofit has been to our community. So many people are being served and their dignity is being restored. With the rise of inflation, this is such an important piece in helping support people with these needs. Summer is very busy and more than ever, LOD is grateful for all the donations to be able to offer this service to those in need. Thank you for caring!!”

“Loads of dignity is a wonderful non-profit. What Stephanie does for people is beyond compassionate and amazing. I live in the first place I ever have that doesn't have a washer and dryer and with how tight money is, getting laundry done can be quite hard and exhausting. But Stephanie has been there for me since the first day I ever reached out to her. Because of her I get to look and feel presentable, clean, and most importantly I get to sleep in clean bedding and have clean towels so I can continue and have good personal hygiene. On top of helping people with their laundry she also has sent me home with goodie bags filled with deodorant to toothpaste to toiletries and more and she has been a life savior to me and my family since day one. And I appreciate her more than she could ever no. She helps take the weight off my shoulder which sometime feels suffocating. And to top it off you never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed they allow you to have privacy and dignity while being able to accept very much needed help.”

“Imagine yourself homeless. When everything you own is filthy and you have no way to wash your clothes or even yourself for that matter. You start feeling hopeless and disparity sets in. The simple act of taking a shower and putting on clean clothes is a feeling that is hard to put into words. These two little luxuries in life are the only things that make being homeless tolerable. Loads Of Dignity get this! They are respectful, friendly, and helpful. Because of the wonderful gift they give, I’ve recovered a little of my own dignity.”

“Amazing thing we have here in the valley. I’m a single parent who needs to do laundry and this helps me and my kid out a ton!! I can’t afford to do laundry but thanks to laundry of love, I can do it. “

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